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International Orangutan Center

Progress update


Spire installation-Melanie LaurendineWe've reached another major milestone with the construction of the International Orangutan Center! This amazing new exhibit has reached its peak and the May 2014 opening is drawing closer every day. Recently the Turner construction team installed a 75-foot spire to the top of the existing structure, fabricated by Indianapolis-based Lenex Steel Company. The spire weighs nearly 25 tons — that's like 10 of our elephant Sophi! New visible progress is made every day and friends of the Zoo can keep up with all the action on the construction site with the International Orangutan Center Construction Cam presented by Turner. This eye in the sky allows viewers to watch in real time as the exhibit comes to life. To give you a frame of reference, do you see the huge construction crane out there? When the boom is fully extended, it reaches a height of 100 feet. The indoor height of the exhibit’s atrium will be 90 feet, and the soaring Nina Mason Pulliam Beacon of Hope towers 150 feet above the exhibit. Within just a few months, the orangutans will move into their new home, but you can meet them now and take our personality quiz to see what orangutan you are most like. Photo by Melanie Laurendine



Construction Cam


Beacon of Hope-Jon GlesingGet a bird's eye view as the Indianapolis Zoo's newest exhibit begins to take shape! Construction began in October 2012, and once complete, this new exhibit will be a spectacular and unique place for people to learn about this endangered species. The exhibit is scheduled to open in May 2014. Until then, the International Orangutan Center Cam presented by Turner Construction Co. is the only place for up-to-the-second updates on the exhibit's progress. Photo by Jon Glesing

December 2011: Public announcement
Sept. 4, 2012:  Groundbreaking
September 2012-October 2013: Construction
November 2013: Substantial completion
May 24, 2014: Public opening

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Sky View Before International Orangutan Center is Complete
Sky View Before

Sky View After International Orangutan Center is Complete
Sky View After