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Tiger-Fred CateOrangutan AzyLion NyackFlamingo-Kerrie Best

It might be easy to build excitement for new exhibits and new programs and to take a bow for worldwide conservation leadership. For some, it would be easy to rest on their laurels when their community has joined together and shaped one of the top 10 zoos in the United States in just 20 years.
But it’s also important to refresh or replace what we already have—and effectively position the Zoo for its future. While many new exhibits and program demonstrations have been added and existing areas upgraded, several key areas of the Zoo are aging, and we must ensure they do not fall below our standards of excellence. The Indianapolis Zoo is committed to creating world-class animal habitats and programs that redefine the way in which zoos care for animals and engage the public.
Therefore, our Campaign for Conservation and Community seeks to complement the new International Orangutan Center with revitalized habitats involving many of our most beloved animals—as well as a new front gate and international-quality shows and presentations.
The Zoo’s strategic plan calls for a renewed focus on ensuring that the facility is equipped to manage the projected increase in national and international visitors, including these enhancements:
› Renovations to the front gate and entry plaza
› Satellite parking and shuttle services
› Additional and upgraded food-service facilities and restrooms.

Photos by Fred Cate, Jackie Curts, Kerrie Best

Campaign components

The International Orangutan Center $20,000,000
Tiger Forest $  1,100,000
Lions Among Us $     900,000
Flights of Fancy $  2,300,000
International-quality presentations $     700,000
Front gate and entry plaza $     800,000
Fund-raising costs and interest $  2,700,000
Pre-planning costs $  1,500,000
Campaign total $30,000,000