Saving the orangutans, strengthening Indianapolis, connecting our children and families to the world.

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Profound challenges — and rare opportunities — require extraordinary responses. When the two coincide, it’s important to act — and act quickly! With your help, the Indianapolis community and your Indianapolis Zoo can do just that.
Like the rest of the world, we face the profound challenge of sustaining the wonders of our planet and its species for future generations. Unlike the rest of the world, we have built a remarkable embassy to the animal kingdom, sustained it with wise investments and sound management, and established it as a local education and economic driver and a global animal conservation leader.
As a result, the Indianapolis Zoo and its generous supporters have an opportunity to help save and rejuvenate one of the most endangered species in the animal world —the orangutans — and to strengthen existing zoo habitats:
• By adding a new skyline-enhancing signature home for these great apes
• By refreshing some of our Zoo’s most-loved attractions
• By establishing our community’s position as a world conservation leader as never before.
You can help our community save the orangutans; elevate enlightenment, education, and economic development here at home; and strengthen Indianapolis’ conservation leadership around the world.


Thank you to our very generous donors!